War elephants can disobey and not attack
You can recruit, disband and send a War elephant to explore on Military.


War elephant appears, on Military, after you research Elephantry on Technologies.
Technology required:
Technology Requirement Research cost
Elephantry invest 3 800
in Military
Supplies 100
Knowledge 800


You can recruit a War elephant, after you research the required technology.
Resources required:
Resource Amount
Supplies 100
Elephant 1
Population 1
Population remains allocated until you fire the War elephant or they are lost in a Fight.


Resources consumed:
Consumes Rate
Food 10.0 per second
Water 2.0 per second


  • A War elephant generates 0.02 Morale per second.
Resource produced:
Produces Rate
Morale 0.02 per second


A War elephant has values for Attack and Hp, used to determine the outcome of combat.
  • There is a 25% chance that all your War elephants disobey and do not attack in a round of a fight.
Combat specifications:
Attack 100
Hp 1 200
  • Other factors improve the specifications of a War elephant.


Expedition cost:
Food 200
Water 100
Morale 20
  • You can disband one War elephant at a time with the 'Fire 1' button, freeing up Population, however the Elephant is not returned.

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