Research technological disciplines
  • Specialization allows you to choose where your research should be headed.
  • Specialization has a requirement to access and research.


You can research the technology after you access it.
Construction required:
Construct Requirement
Library build 8 on Buildings


You can research Specialization, after you build 8 Libraries. Effects of the technology, appear after you research it.
  • You need 500 Knowledge to research the Specialization technology.
Resources required:
Resource Quantity
Knowledge 500


Effects of the technology, appear after you research it.
  • Gives access to 3 technology branches, on Technologies:
    • Economy  —  a lucrative force, prosperity and wealth await those who seek to harness it.
    • Science  —  leads humanity forward, its progress can be slow but it never stops evolving.
    • Military  —  there are times, when only the most powerful get what they want, is that you?

Library technologies
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