Useful fragments

Useful fragments used to improve heirlooms.


Your available Shards displays, after your first heirloom is sold from the top slot on Heirlooms.

  • You get the Value of an heirloom, in Shards, when it is sold.


You can upgrade an heirloom, after you get some Shards, to increase its Value and effect.

  • The first upgrade to an heirloom costs 5 Shards.
  • You need about 50% more Shards to upgrade the heirloom again.

Shards required:

Upgrade Shards
1 5
2 8
3 12
... ...
n 5 × 1.5(n-1)
Calculations are rounded up
to the next whole number


You take unused Shards, to your new lands, if you explore a new continent.

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