Sailors crew ships for missions
You can hire and fire a Sailor, on Jobs.


Sailor appears, on Jobs, after you research Trade on Technologies.
Technology required:
Technology Requirement Research cost
Trade build 8
Food 7 000
Gold 45
Coin 50


You can hire Sailors, after you research the required technology.
Resources required:
Resource Amount
Food 500
Coin 5
Population 1
You can fire one Sailor at a time, with the 'Fire 1' button. Population remains allocated, until you fire the Sailor. You cannot fire Sailors while they are at sea.


  • A Sailor consumes 0.2 Food per second1.
Resources consumed:
Consumes Rate
Food 0.20 per second1
1inconsistant with tooltip; v0.9.3 beta


Ships require a minimum number of Sailors, as Crew, for Trade missions or Expansion missions.
Crew required:
Ship Sailors
Galley 2
Galleon 5
Fireship 1 3
Caravel 3
1 not for Trade missions



Sailors in the game, have a hard life, spend time away from their family and even risk their lives for little personal gain. It is believed (but never been proven) that they descend from a long line of pirates who used to sail the seas, fighting ships, digging for treasure and dancing (with the daughters of island governors).

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