Gives you 30 minutes of production.

You can rush your economy on Legacy.


Rush economy on Legacy


Rush economy appears, on Legacy, after you explore a new continent from the Dock

  • You can explore a new continent, after you build your first Docks.

Construction required:

Construct Requirement Resource cost
Docks build on
Plank 100
Iron 50


You can Rush economy after you access it.

  • You need 5 Treasures the first time you Rush economy.
  • You need 50% more each time you rush your economy.

Example costs:

Rush Treasures
1 5
2 7
3 11
... ...
n 5 × 1.5n - 1
calculations are rounded down
to the nearest whole number

The cost of Rush economy resets each time you explore a new continent.


Time jumps forward in game when you rush your economy:
  • You immediately get the equivalent of 30 minutes of:
  • Any existing Diamond boost time is reduced by 30 minutes.
  • (effect on energy/power plant needs checking)

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