Marketers use funds to gain resources
You can hire and fire a Marketer, on Jobs.


Marketer appears, on Jobs, after you research Commerce on Technologies.
Technology required:
Technology Requirement Research cost
Commerce invest 11 500
in Economy
Coin 2 000
Knowledge 1 200


You can hire Marketers, after you research the required technology.
Resources required:
Resource Amount
Gold 100
Coin 500
Population 1
You can fire one Marketer at a time, with the 'Fire 1' button. Population remains allocated, until you fire the Marketer.


Marketers stop production, if you do not have resources to maintain them.
Resources consumed:
Consumes Rate
Food 0.20 per second
Coin 0.05 per second


Marketers stop production, if you do not have resources to maintain them.
Resources produced:
Produces Rate
Bronze 0.001 per second
Brick 0.0005 per second
Glass 0.0005 per second


Marketers are clever, hardworking and greedy people. They enjoy working in a busy environment and thrive amidst the hustle and bustle of busy workshops. They are seldom seen without a clipboard, on which they record how much they are getting paid. Marketers love cookies (and regularly wake and bake before going to work).

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