Player's guide
There is no wrong way to play the game. How your empire grows depends on you.
  • A guide for players to give some direction/goals.

Player's guide

(These are personal/subjective suggestions for v0.9.3 beta.)
  1. Build a Library, unlock and research technologies
  2. Construct a Workbench
  3. Build 8 Libraries / research Specialization ~ (goal for tutorial / intro)
  4. Research Contracts
  5. Build a Bunker
  6. Build an outpost ~ (goal for current early-game)
  7. Craft Bricks
  8. Build a Compressor
  9. Build a Repository
  10. Craft Plate
  11. Manufacture an Engine
  12. Publish a book ~ (goal for current mid-game)
  13. Research Electricity
  14. Research Triforce
  15. Produce Concrete
  16. Build Facilities ~ (goal for current late-game)
  17. Set your own goals ~ (no end to current game)

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