A mega-ship that can carry loads of resources
You can construct, salvage and send Galleons on missions at the Dock.


Galleon appears at the Dock, after you research Galleon on Technologies.
Technology required:
Technology Requirement Research cost
Galleon invest 2 500
in Economy
Wood 40 000
Plank 1 000
Knowledge 800


You can construct Galleons, after you research the required technology.
  • You need an empty Docks and some resources to construct a Galleon.
Construction cost:
Resource Amount
Plank 1 500
Structure 300
empty Docks 1


Galleon specifications:
Power 500
Structure 15 000
Cargo 25 000


You can remove a Galleon, with the 'Salvage 1' button, returning some resources and freeing up Docks.
  • You get back some resources when you salvage a Galleon or it is destroyed on an Expansion mission.
  • The amount of resources returned varies in a range.
Resources returned:
Resource Salvage Destroyed
Wood 20 000 → 40 000
Plank 300 → 600 0 → 500
Structure 50 → 100 0 → 200


  • A Galleon needs 5 Sailors as crew for missions. A Galleon does not require crew for construction or when moored at Docks.

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