Cement is a bulk material
Cement is used in construction and for production.


Cement appears after you build a Bunker, to provide storage, and maintain an active Cement kiln.
Construction required:
Construct Requirement Resource cost
Cement kiln build on
Steel 600
Plate 200


Your maximum available Cement is limited by storage capacity.
  • Storage for Cement is provided by Bunkers.
Storage provided:
Item Amount
Bunker 500


Cement produced:
Producer Rate
Cement kiln 0.1 per second

Bonuses to production

  • Other factors increment Cement production.
Bonuses to production:
Item Amount
Global production varies
Boost × 2
Rush economy 30 minutes
of production


Cement is used to construct and maintain production, on Facilities.
Use of cement:
Use Item Amount
construct University 15 000 × 1.3n
consume Concrete mixer 2 per second
where 'n' is the number of the item

Capped resources
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