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Double or nothing

Gamble with gold, on game 1 at the Casino.


Game 1 appears, at the Casino, after you build a Casino on Buildings.

  • You can play game 1, after you build your first Casino.

Construction required:

Construct Requirement Resource cost
Casino build on
Block 3
Gold 1


Choose a wager by entering in an amount of gold to bet. The upper limit on the wager is determined by the number of casinos that are built (Casinos / 2 = Maximum Bet). Your wager will be rounded to two decimal places and immediately deducted from your gold.

  • Select either Bet Low or Bet High. You are betting that a number randomly selected between 0 and 999 will either be low (somewhere between 0 and 499) or high (somewhere between 500 and 999).


Game 1 at the Casino

(to add effect of Luck tech on wager)


If you guessed the range of the random number correctly, your gold wager will be doubled and returned to you.

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