A swift sailing ship
You can construct, salvage and send Caravels on missions at the Dock.


Caravel appears at the Dock, after you research Windward on Technologies.
Technology required:
Technology Requirement Research cost
Windward invest 25 000
in Science
Wood 200 000
Plank 10 000
Knowledge 1 500


You can construct Caravels, after you research the required technology.
  • You need an empty Docks and some resources to construct a Caravel.
Construction cost:
Resource Amount
Wood 100 000
Plank 1 000
Iron 500
empty Docks 1


Caravel specifications:
Power 200
Structure 6 000
Cargo 10 000
Chains 75


You can remove a Caravel, with the 'Salvage 1' button, returning some resources and freeing up Docks.
  • You get back some resources when you salvage a Caravel or it is destroyed on an Expansion mission.
  • The amount of resources returned varies in a range.
Resources returned:
Resource Salvage Destroyed
Wood 5 000 → 25 000
Plank 200 → 500 0 → 250
Iron 100 → 150


  • A Caravel needs 3 Sailors as crew for missions. A Caravel does not require any crew for construction or when moored at Docks.

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